Edward Orozco Flores

I have authored several fact sheets, policy briefs and reports on issues of low-wage work, Latinos and education. The research has been cited widely by local, state, national and international media, and has informed major policy changes in the State of California.

With the UC Merced Community and Labor Center, I have authored research on farmworker health, the need for an economic safety net for undocumented workers, the COVID-19 pandemic's toll on low-wage workers, the uneven enforcement of standards in the meatpacking industry. My work has informed proposed state legislation (SB 227 in 2023), as well as major policy change, such as AB 1876 (extending CAL-EITC to undocumented households), SB 1383 (paid leave) and the COVID-19 ETS.

At USC my report, ¿Qué Pasa?, garnered national attention. It was a major resource in the Obama administration's first major federal civil rights investigation and in the passage of California Senate Bill 753.